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Santos Cross Lite

Cross Lite.

Multifunctional Gravelracer

Santos Cross Lite gentle blue
Santos Cross Lite orange
Santos Cross Lite gravelbike
Santos Cross Lite coton bikepacking
Santos Cross Lite black PX e-bike
Santos Cross Lite
Santos Cross Lite forest

Santos Cross Lite

Looking for a versatile gravel racer? The Santos Cross Lite is fast, functionally light, and suitable for full gear. The powerful hydraulic disc brakes - the largest race discs available - and the comfortable drop handlebar with a shallow bend make it a sporty, sleek crosser. Perfect for both on- and off-road adventures.

For bigger trips, the Cross Lite can be equipped with carriers, wide tires (35 - 57 mm possible), and fenders. Choose the fork that best suits your adventure, with options ranging from lightweight full carbon to robust steel or aluminum with extra mounts for lowriders.

This Santos is ready for you every weekday in our showroom and can be taken outside for a test ride! Call us to schedule an appointment.

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Where to use

Multifunctional gravelracer

The Cross Lite is very versatile. You can use it both on and off road. With lugs for a carrier and a rigid frame, suitable for a full load. Ideal for gravel racing, bikepacking and commuting. With a fixed front fork, it can easily be turned into a touring bike.

Santos Cross Lite Bikepacking
Santos Cross Lite Bikepacking
Santos Cross Lite cotton
Santos Cross Lite
Santos Cross Lite flatbar with LiteRack
Santos Cross Lite black orange
Santos Cross Lite

Easy to clean, low maintenance

Rapid road racer

The Cross Lite is light and fast. A great alternative for road racing cyclists who want to continue training in wintertime when roads are wet and dirty. The Rohloff hub with internal gears and Gates carbon belt drive allow you to just hose off you bike afterwards. Or put it away with mud and all, no problem.

Santos Cross Lite Bikepacking

Minimalist travel adventures

Bikepacking companion

The Cross Lite is agile and strong. Just what you need for your next bikepacking adventure. Strap some luggage to the Cross Lite frame for an exciting trip on unpaved tracks and when the night falls, you simply put up a small tent in the woods or even sleep under the stars.

Santos Cross Lite Touringbike

Lots of luggage for a cycling holiday

Transform it into a touring bike

Fit mudguards, opt for a fixed front fork suitable for lowrider racks or mount the Santos Lite Rack XL especially for 29ers. You have all the options to transform the Cross Lite into a proper touring bike.


Rohloff hub

Carefree riding, low maintenance

Reliable Rohloff hub

Want to ride lots of carefree kilometers? Opt for the reliable and user-friendly internal Rohloff gear hub with Santos belt drive. It transforms your Cross Lite into a low-maintenance and super strong travel partner.

The Rohloff hub has 14 gears and is available in 6 colors.


 Santos beltdrive

Longer lifespan, less maintenance

Durable Santos belt drive

With the right belt and sprockets the bike's drive system is super durable. The Cross Lite has this durable Santos belt drive. That means fixed rear dropouts (so your rear wheel is always straight) and a Gates belt drive with extra strong CDX-EXP sprockets. It's the ultimate system for lots of silent kilometers.


Rohloff hub with race shifters

A unique combination

Rohloff hub with race shifters

A Cross Lite is equipped with a Rohloff hub. This transmission is a reliable, super durable and low-maintenance. Opt for the smooth turning shifters from Co-Motion or the race shifters (by Sram for example) to operate it. They can both be mounted on a drop bar.

The combination of Rohloff and race shifters is quite unique. The neat Gebla click-box ensures that you can still retain the shifting feeling of a road bike, while using a hub gear system. For true cycling enthusiasts!

hydraulic disc brakes

Powerful hydraulic disc brakes

Evenly distributed braking power

The Cross Lite has powerful, hydraulic disc brakes with the largest race-discs available. This way you always have enough braking power, even when fully loaded.

Wide tires

Very comfortable

Wide tires

The Cross Lite frame fits tires from 35 to 60 mm. You can mount narrow gravel racers or fat mountain bike tires. Just what you like best.

Clean and dedicated frame

Freedom of choice

Optimal eyelet count

The primary aim in creating the Santos Adventure fork was to avoid preemptively restricting your choices. Constructed from aluminum, this fixed fork boasts a meticulously determined number of eyelets. This empowers you to imagine and customize as you see fit. Not only during the bike's initial assembly but also at a later stage. Exceptional flexibility; an attribute we deeply value at Santos.

SON lighting insert

SON lighting

In case you opt for the SON light set, you get a beautiful headlight with a wide, clear beam. This is a distinctive feature of the SON headlights. We mount the headlight on a Santos headlight bracket, this provides a clear, straight beam above your front wheel.

The SON headlights are available in 6 colors, just like the corresponding SON dynamo hub and rear light.


Cross Lite PX accu

Bikes with power

E-bike ready

Cross Lite is designed with the future in mind. It is E-bike ready. This means the bike can be converted into an E-bike whenever you wish to do so.

It has a strong motor and a large battery for a long riding range. We have opted for a modular system to offer you maximum flexibility. Both now and later.


Stories from Santos riders

Solo bikepacking adventure Portugal by Philine

On a winter micro-adventure! by Tom (NL)

Impressions of a pupil gravel cyclist. by Luc Verdoodt (NL)

Want to know all the details about the frame, geometry, drivetrain, brakes and Santos Only parts? Please go to all specifications.

Choose your Santos bike

How do I determine what to build?

At Santos we like to listen first to what you have in mind. Then we’ll start building the best Santos especially for you. Below you will find a number of tools to guide you through the decision making process. Depending on your (technical) knowledge, you can use these tools yourself or go through them together with a Santos dealer. He can advise you on all the important details.

Is it the right bike for me?

Is it the Santos Cross Lite that appeals most to you? Or maybe one of our other bicycles? To get your thoughts clear, you may use the Santos step-by-step plan. This plan is currently only available in Dutch, but we hope to publish an English version soon. You don’t need to fill it in, it is meant as a guideline for when you get in touch with us.

How much will it cost?

Convinced that the Cross Lite is the bike for you? Then you may want to use the Santos customizer as a guideline to make choices about the drive, the brakes and the entire assembly such as the handlebars, the saddle and the tires. Use this tool to see the many options of custombuilding and to get a rough idea about pricing.

Where can I get more information?

You can visit our factory or one of our dealers. Our factory is located just a stone’s throw away from Amsterdam airport. Our dealer network is mainly based in the Netherlands and Belgium. You can also make a video appointment. We then "walk" you through our factory and show you frames, models, colours and accessories. We can ship worldwide.

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