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Santos AdventureRack

100% made in Holland

Beautifully streamlined and ultra strong rear bicycle rack. Designed by Santos and made in Holland. Clever combination of high-quality CroMo steel for the rack itself and stainless steel for all attachment points and the lower bag hanging bar.

Santos Travel Lite

AdventureRack with Son rear light

Well protected

The rear light is cleverly attached between the two back arches of the AdventureRack. That way it is well protected.

In addition, the lighting cable is routed internally.

Santos AdventureRack with mudguard

Fender properly secured

Three mounting points keep the mudguard in place and eliminate the need for fender rods. If you still want to mount a mudguard with rods, you still can of course.

Santos AdventureRack Carrier lower mounting point

Even more luggage

The carrier is suitable up to a weight of 26 kg and tested up to 40 kg. It is not suitable for child seats, see footnote.

Want to attach a bicycle trailer? You can! We beveled the lower mounting points so that the carrier is also compatible with a Bob-Yak Bike trailer.

Santos AdventureRack carrier bag

Bags in the right position

Put the bags on the lower rod of the AdventureRack. This will lower the center of gravity and allows you to cycle comfortably. Even with lots of luggage.

The bag hooks are separated by the front vertical bar. This way, they will stay well in place.

Santos AdventureRack Carrier stainless steel


The lower bag hanging rod is not made of CroMo steel but made of stainless steel. Handy, because through intensive use, bag hooks can damage the coating of the rod, causing it to rust. That is now a thing of the past.

All attachment points are also made of stainless steel.

Santos AdventureRack Carrrier bag

Well supported

Bags that hang from the AdventureRack are supported as much as possible in one flat plane.

That may seem obvious, but on most ordinary bicycle racks the bags are somewhat twisted when attached. This will eventually lead to bent panels or even torn hooks.

* ISO 11243: 2016 requires all racks with a load capacity of 26 kg or more to be automatically approved for the attachment of child seats. In our opinion, attaching a child seat to the frame is safer, so we voluntarily limit the load capacity of the Santos AdventureRack to max. 25 kg. We therefore exclude attaching child seats and / or transporting children on our carrier. This limitation has only the legal reasons mentioned above. The Santos AdventureRack is still being tested with significantly higher luggage loads of up to 40 kg.

** The AdventureRack is not suitable for the Travelmaster 2.6, the Travelmaster 2.8 and the Trekking Lite.

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