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    Fietst voor onbepaalde tijd, naar onbekende bestemming. Van IJsland naar Alaska, Canada, USA en dan waarschijnlijk door naar midden en zuid-Amerika.


The taste of Canada

A trip is like a dish, a combination of ingredients. Sometimes it’s like a three course menu; a memorable starter (where and how I wake up), a sublime main course (the bikeride itself) and a delicious dessert (the arrival and the evening).

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Finally I’m here! Finally. I’m in that one place that was on the top of my wish list for so long.
After fighting headwinds for two days like crazy, I made only 35km today to get to the only place with wifi along this highway. I thought I’d had my share of strong winds on Iceland. According to the locals it’s kind of unusual for this place too. It better be..

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My Alaska in video

This whole trip started with wanting to see and experience Alaska. Strongly inspired by 'Into the Wild', where Chris McCandless refers to the wilderness, the 'real' Alaska, as 'Alaska Alaska'.

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An unexpected northbound turn

It's me! As I got out of the shower and looked in the mirror I saw it, like I do every time after a hard, extreme, showerless, multiday ride; Hera! I’m surprised to see I haven’t changed at all and at the same time I look like a new person.

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Getting used to wilderness

Right at the moment when I open my laptop to get started on my new blogpost the emergency alarm rings. My heartbeat trips for a moment while my brain immediately starts working and determining my position. What’s the procedure? Where can I go?

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Getting ready to write my blog, sitting at my laptop at the Denali National Park entrance, all I can think is; ‘there is so much to tell.’

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Peaceful, spacious and rugged


‘Aah! Hafnarfjörður!!’ 

Exactly, that place where I got on my bicycle 4 weeks ago, butterflies tickling my stumac. That’s where I arrived two days ago to complete my one month in Iceland by writing a blogpost and organizing my stuff for the flight to Alaska.

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